That is the means by which Alessandro Bazzoni portrays the root of the name of Monteros thus, as of now perhaps the most remarkable and most grounded polo associations in England, an objective he pointed consistently at. 

To play in England is a blessing from heaven for Alessandro. 

Alessandro is an Italian money manager, an exceptionally overall quite inviting man, who has been associated with polo for quite a while. Improving increasingly more as a player as well as far as association, from those days he played his first competitions in the United States and Dominican Republic. It was in Dominican Republic where he met Cubi Toccalino. Monteros so has recently completed their fourth and effective season in England. A season that had no under two Monterosso groups playing the Queen’s Cup, in a year.. That had been truly intense in all sets of life because of the COVID-19 flare-up, a pandemic that had placed the British season at serious risk. 

“I think we had the option to make it on the grounds that 

We as a whole pushed ahead together”, revealed to Alessandro Bazzoni to Presa Polo. “The public authority, the HPA, every one of them encouraged us a ton with conventions, security measures, association and constructions. Concerning Monteros, we have an enormous association with in excess of 100 ponies. So it was vital to have appropriate measures and conventions to keep away from any danger for individuals who work. We additionally cooperated with Park Place and Guards Polo Club to make the corrals protected and clean; I can guarantee that definitely nobody in Monterosso has been tried positive of COVID”. 

Without questions, Alessandro is extremely glad for the work his association has done. In such troublesome occasions and generally on the grounds that his most prominent concern was to have the option to help. Every one of the individuals who earn enough to pay the rent from the business of polo and assurance that all they would keep up their positions. “Polo is a fundamental action for many individuals and families who earn enough to pay its bills”, states Bazzoni. “There are many individuals who make a hard showing behind the players, who need to work. So it was important to produce sufficient pay to pay them, offer advantages to them and ensure they could keep up their positions. This year, I got in excess of 40 visa supports through an office that solitary deals with it”.

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