What foods help warm the body on a cold day?

The North is experiencing cold winter days. In addition to thick clothes, the following foods will also help you keep your body warm and protect your health effectively.


Ginger has thermogenic properties, helping to keep the body warm. In addition, it also works to promote metabolism, increase blood circulation. Ginger is also capable of curing cold weather-related illnesses such as colds, coughs, osteoarthritis pain …

A cup of ginger tea incorporating some honey on a winter day like this, is a perfect choice. Should drink in the morning after eating.


Onion is famous for its ability to prevent the flu. You can cut the onion, keep it in the room, help avoid the flu.

In addition, onions also bring the ability to keep the body warm. Therefore, you can add onions to the meal, both making the dish more delicious and warm in cold days.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are small but “martial”. They bring the effect of nourishing blood, laxative, constipation, tonic, healthy, strong tendons, bright eyes, increase intelligence, cure low numbness, smooth black hair, beautiful face, .. In addition, with the pungent polyphenol that has a thermogenic effect, the sesame seeds will warm the body and help you feel warm in the winter.


Beef is a supplement of unsaturated fats and other nutrients such as protein , iron, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, … Vitamin B6 in beef will assist and help you build capacity. immunity. When you eat beef, protein and carbohydrates are converted to heat, helping to circulate blood and improving blood circulation, helping to keep the body warm.

Note that eating a sufficient amount of beef is about 500g / week. Do not eat too much beef in the evening.

Baked potatoes

Potatoes are a moderate source of starch, rich in vitamin A, which is a very effective energy supplement that limits weight gain. Looking for a sidewalk shop, next to a charcoal stove with baked potatoes, will be a good choice to experience in winter.

Chili, Pepper

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